mosch. Parts

In four years of UpCycling adventures we have tried a lot. We rejected many things, others stood the test. Here are a few of our own contributions:

Bar tape

Some of our customers have been using it since 2021 without any problems. 100% circular, machine washable, customizable.


More exclusive than new standard goods, while being significantly more environmentally friendly and with our mosch. plus chain tensioning function. We are working on another exciting feature.

Crank set

We have identified the cranks that have been running smoothly for decades and combine them with used chainring bolts, stainless steel washers and stainless steel chainrings.

Greasable upcycling hub

Many hubs could last longer if they simply kept their lubrication. We install a grease fitting and pack in vegetable oil to do just that. Kind of like Suntour did with new hubs in the 90s.

Bottom bracket

Developed by Thun with us and for us on our initiative. Super durable bearings plus shaft hydro-engineered from recycled steel. It works if you want. tune wants.

Chain stay protection

No rocket science, just the sensible reuse of a portion of the millions of worn tires, rather than new neoprene.

Note: We protect some of our inventions with a registered utility model.