Say goodbye to waste

We cannot continue the way we are used to.

However, we can learn from nature how it works. Some current trends are already pointing in the right direction.

Read how we can get rid of waste completely


​Nature does not start at point A and end at point Z. It works in perpetual cycles.


Things can be used multiple times, such as books, clothing, bicycles.


Things can be cleaned, made "pretty" again, repaired. This method is known, for example, for mobile phones and e-bikes.


Probably the biggest construction site for all manufacturers in the world at the moment. Damaged and intensively used products are returned to the manufacturer, where they are completely dismantled, reworked from scratch and produced again without having to start with raw material extraction. This is how it works with Mosch Bikes, for example.


The best-known form of circular economy works quite well for metals, but there is a lot of catching up to do when it comes to plastics and electronics.

However, people must not be left behind.

Who knows the number 1 sustainability goal of the United Nations? Some may be surprised.

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Circulation at mosch.

This is how we turn the big wheel. We name each component transparently and also point out our limits, which currently lie with plastics and brake pads.

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