Sustainable development goals of the UN

The UN has recognized the priorities

​Who knew? Sustainability goal number 1 is a social goal and not an ecological one. That makes sense if you realize that the planet can only be saved if everyone can participate and everyone is doing well.

With our products we support 10 of the 17 goals of the UN. Check out the boxes below to learn more.

At peace with the world.

Cycling is healthy, of course also with our bikes. In addition, you get the good feeling of using a really useful product.

​Paint and hydraulic oil from plants.

Even if our hydraulic brakes were completely destroyed, the leaking oil is completely broken down and does not contaminate any water.


​The stressful everyday life makes you ill. When work doesn't feel like work and is woven into everyday life, there's energy left for the essential things in life (that's not bikes). This is how we work at our company and see this as forward-looking.

Smart Factory.

Production should serve people and nature and not the other way around. When our production runs on its own and provides us with prosperity, we can move from the work-life blend to the hammock.

Only organic in organic.

Imagine you find sprayed apples and eggs from the laying battery in the organic supermarket. That's roughly how it is if we want to make cities sustainable with conventional bicycles. 

Circular Economy.

Our concept envisages taking back and re-manufacturing our bikes right from the start.

Get out of the comfort zone.

We can no longer just siphon off money in the bicycle industry using conventional methods. Our products are sold as green, but only become green once they are used. Before that, it should also be green as a matter of urgency.

Reduce bicycle parts transport on the ocean.

With a few measures we can relieve the seas immediately. These include higher durability, multifunctionality, upcycling and purchasing in Europe.

Conserve resources through upcycling.

Fewer emissions, less energy required, less opencast mining.

Let us revolutionize the bike industry together.

We are a member of the CSR and Sustainability Expert group of Cyclingindustries Europe, working with those who want and working to get more done and less talked about.