Dear bicycle industry,

I cannot = I don`t want to
no answer = I don`t want to

We must act NOW if our planet is worth anything to us. You tell me that you do. With the traffic turnaround. Now there are several problems with this statement:

1. You cannot visit your suppliers in Asia on your bike. You fly by plane. Of course, as usual.

2. You don't set up your trade fairs on your bike. You drive up in huge trucks and waste gigantic amounts of material for a few days of exhibition. There are more and more trade fairs that are getting bigger and bigger.

3. Your bikes are no longer bikes. They are highly carbonized e-bikes. With cobalt from the children's mines in the Congo. With electronics for which there is no circular solution. With total integration, which is difficult to repair. With compatibilities that you constantly change so that nothing fits together. With carbon, more than ever.

4. Many people who used to just ride bikes are now riding e-bikes. For example in the Netherlands. 

5. A lot of people live in rural areas and have nothing to do with the urban transport transition. In Germany that is 55 million.

6. Cambodia is not a responsible manufacturing country. I have been there. You are lucky that end consumers are not yet aware of such sources.

7. You refuse to promote the circular economy. And talk. And talk. And say you're absolutely amazing. And delay green progress again.

8. The few who want are aware that they are at the beginning. And don't say they're totally great. 

9. You could replace DOT fluids with vegetable oil. Already for next season. A large American producer of DOT brakes told me in June: We are only interested in higher, faster, further.

10. You're panicking and now want to boost consumption. Consumption is responsible for 40% of emissions. Air traffic for 3.5%.

Today I am announcing that I have won the German Design Award 2024 with my circular bicycle concept. Due to the eco design. And I'm angry with you. I created the thing in a shack with no heat. From a pile of scrap metal. Without money. And you tell the world that none of this is possible. I'm not a brilliant inventor, I've just been busy with this one topic. Shame on you. Finally do your homework. Come out of puberty. Shut down your ego. For the benefit of everyone.           05.12.2023 Nikolaj Mosch.

Sustainable bicycles in the spirit of the Circular Economy, starting from EUR 749,- . 


​We save old bicycles from the scrap press and use upgraded frames, forks, cranks, rims, hubs, hub dynamos, spokes, rear derailleurs, stems and seat posts.


reuse. re-furbish. Remanufacture. Recycle. There is very little left in our bikes that cannot do this (essentially these are plastics). We reveal every small part.


The conventional bicycle is built to fail. We're going the other way.


​Industry sells more when it invents a separate category for each narrow purpose. More flexible is more sustainable.


The most environmentally friendly product is one that is not produced because it is superfluous. We focus on what a bike actually needs and leave the rest out.


Nothing goes with anything, and every remodel is a drama. Anyone who has ever screwed themselves knows that. Modular is better.

short distances

We combine UpCycling parts from the region with many parts from Germany and Europe. It doesn't work entirely without Asia, we disclose the sources in a way that everyone can understand.


We would like to source our parts exclusively from democratically governed countries with high environmental and social standards. We disclose the sources in our technical descriptions for each individual part.

low in toxins

​Paint chips in nature, toxic lubricants, caustic hydraulic fluid: all normal on a normal bicycle. Not with us. We want to achieve freedom from handles and hope for the support of the plastics industry.


We understand the needs of families. As an extended family of 9, we are just as experienced with children as we are with bikes. You can already look forward to our heart project children's bike subscription.


Man is part of nature and should not be processed like on an assembly line. Choose colour, wheel size, gears and handlebar type and use our customization service.


Sustainability only for the elite does not work. We offer something for everyone.


You used to be able to change a gear cable yourself. Now everything is encapsulated and you have to wait weeks for a workshop appointment. At mosch bikes, it is the way it used to be.


Our bikes are not just retro, they combine modern technology with proven durability.


​With the digital product pass, we are years ahead of the EU law. We still have a lot to do before the smart factory, which is why we are starting today.

What does sustainability actually mean? (German only)

... und Nachhaltigkeit ist noch viel mehr. Wir haben vier Jahre gebraucht, um zu verstehen, worum es geht, und haben nichts anderes gemacht. Investiert Zeit, es lohnt sich. Es ist definitiv kein Thema für zehn Stunden Zeitbudget in der Marketingabteilung.

29er Bike SAYA

Wir retten alte Stahlrahmen, verpassen ihnen Scheibenbremsaufnahmen und einen biologischen Lack in Wunschfarbe. Dann speichen wir Schwarzwälder Edelnaben in Bio-Composite-verstärkte Buchenholzfelgen aus Italien ein und montieren darauf norwegische Reifen mit wechselbaren Skins. Du schaltest mit einer außergewöhnlichen 8Gang-Kettenschaltung und bremst mit Pflanzenöl. 

Nominiert für den German Design Award. Erstes Fahrrad, welches die strengen Zugangshürden des Avocadostores geschafft hat. 

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How everything started

The easy way has never been for us. We naively thought that we could invent some more environmentally friendly bicycle products. In 2019 we were smiled at for this.

​Then we realized that it should actually be a new business model .

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What nature teaches us

There is no waste in nature. Everything is used, everything has some function, some meaning that serves life. Leaves fall from the trees, feed small crawlies, are turned into soil, which nourishes the tree.

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